Wednesday, August 15, 2007

WFMW - Microsoft OneNote

I'm a pretty lucky girl in many ways, but one unusual way that I feel spoiled is in the area of technology. My husband works in the tech industry, and he's a Microsoft Partner. That means that we pay an annual subscription fee to automatically receive licenses of all the latest software produced by Microsoft. So, I always have access to the most recent versions of any software application in the Microsoft Office suite. One of the programs my husband has recently turned me on to was Microsoft OneNote.

One Note 2007 is a unique software application that allows users to gather and organize all types of information in one place. You can copy web pages (inlcuding text, graphics and links), e-mail messages, type lists or meeting notes, copy audio or video clips, photos, spreadshees, and much more. Any item in One Note can be synchronized with your Microsoft Outlook as an appointment on your Calendar or as a task on your To Do list. (But wait...there's more...) When you mark it complete in Outlook, it automatically updates OneNote, (or vise versa). And, it's all searchable -- even the audio and video clips.

You can create different notebooks for work and personal pages, and keep file folders for each individual project. My husband and I keep finding more and more uses for this awesome program. I've started doing my homeschool lesson plans in OneNote. I've gathered several recipes from different cooking websites and blogs. And when I copy something from a website, it automatically saves a link referencing the exact online location from which I copied a picture or text. Pretty amazing. I no longer have to remember where I got something, and then try to remember the "path" of clicks it took to get there. One click, and I'm there! Works for me!

Anyway, click on the picture above or on one of the links in this post and it will take you to Microsoft's One Note page. There, you can take an online tour of the entire Microsoft Office suite, and download a free trial of One Note 2007.

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Maureen said...

Thanks for this info! My DH is also a Microsoft Parter. He did install OneNote on my PC, but I have NO idea what it does, or why I would need it! You've encouraged me to take a look around the program!


Kathy in WA said...

Hmmm, this is a great review. I'm going to have to check it out. I just got the latest version of Publisher and Photoshop Elements for my birthday (so I've got all sorts of computer playing to do).

I love hearing about software that other moms find to be helpful. Once you can get over that learning curve, new programs can really enhance the running of our homes/households/schools.

Thanks for sharing! How long is the free trial version good for?

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Kelley said...

I couldn't figure out exactly HOW LONG the trial period is, but the Microsoft website says, "At the end of the trial period the product will go into reduced functionality mode and you will have the option to convert it into a full version."

By the way, the Home & Student version of OneNote costs about $64.99 (at

What Works For Us said...

I'm a techy too and couldn't agree more. This is so handy and integrates with a lot of software!!

TheKytiKat said...

I have this! I use it for my household Control Journal a la Flylady. I also use to contain my research notes on topics I'm teaching the kids, and I use it for organize Journaling and photos for use to scrapbook later.

There is so much that I could do with the program... Like I had no idea I could sync it with Outlook, awesome! Thanks for the tip!

Stacey said...

Wow, that sounds really cool!

Stacey said...

Hey, I tried to log on to your other site and it wouldn't load. Said the page could not be found. Is it over?

Kelley said...

Hey Stacey...
If you mean my cake blog, I changed the name of it. It's linked on my sidebar as "Creative CakeWorks"

the new url is:

Sorry for the confusion - guess I should announce it in a post.

Lonni said...

My daughter enters sixth grade this year and we will be doing as much as possible on our computer. I have created OneNote notebooks for each of us with various sections, including one for each course. There is also a section to track assignments. When I created the notebooks I included links to websites, worksheets stored on the computer and appropriate power point presentations or animated films from Brain Pop. We are still using textbooks, but nearly all her work will be done on the laptop or in the accompanying workbook to her text. It's going to simplify things and she loves the process. She asked if she could get started earlier than we planned!